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Gantry Mixer – AGM Series


Gantry Mixer – AGM Series

Gantry Mixer
– AGM Series

Discover efficiency in medium-viscosity mixing with our Gantry Mixer. Quick Coupling system which enables quick and safe shaft changeover and increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

IEC’s Gantry Mixer is a versatile solution from low to medium viscosity mixing. It features a robust design and is engineered for ergonomics and to increase OEE. The gantry structure provides stability, making it ideal for color matching process. With adjustable speed controls and various mixing attachments, the Gantry Mixer ensures efficient and uniform mixing, contributing to top-quality paint and ink production.

  • Quick Coupling shaft for easy replacement.
  • Can handle viscosity up to 5,000 cP.
  • Low yield loss
  • Less solvent and water usage for washing and cleaning.
  • Suitable for installation and operation in Hazardous Area Zone 1 Classification or Safe Area.
  • Various types of mixing impellers available to suit your processing needs.
  • ATEX/CE compliance to II 2GD c IIB T3 is available on request.

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