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Horizontal Mill – PDM Series


Horizontal Mill – PDM Series

Horizontal Mill
– PDM Series

Introducing our PDM mill, a pinnacle in material processing technology. It’s the ultimate solution for industries that demand precision, consistency, and adaptability in their grinding processes.

IEC’s PDM Mill, a Peg-Disc mill, is engineered for exceptional grinding. This specialized mill provides precise control over particle size and offers unparalleled performance for demanding paint and ink formulations. It’s the solution of choice for achieving consistent results and exceptional particle distribution in your production processes.

  • Available in various chamber capacity of 0.6L to 250L.
  • Various motor power from 4 kW to 160 kW.
  • Various materials of construction available.
  • Pegged Disc Mill
  • Double path flow for improved flowrate
  • Available for both water and solvent based products
  • Beads are uniformly distributed in chamber.
  • Highly efficient cooling system to maintain product temperature.
  • Suitable to be used for circulation or pass grinding.
  • Suitable for installation and operation in Hazardous Area Zone 1 Classification or Safe Area.
  • ATEX/CE compliance to II 2GD c IIB T3 is available on request.

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